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America’s Tax Solutions (ATS) offers options BEYOND STANDARD retirement planning, tax services, and financial solutions. The reality is we live in a litigious society. Coupled with MARKET UNCERTAINTIES and changes in tax laws, Asset Protection Services have become more important today than ever before.

Asset Protection Services protect your assets from potential loss and liability.

To better server our clients

ATS has partnered with BarthCalderon LLP

This well-respected firm offers expertise in ASSET PROTECTION strategies and services. The professionals at BarthCalderon understand the most common causes for the loss of clients’ wealth:

  • poor tax planning
  • unchecked spending
  • bad investments
  • lawsuits

BarthCalderon LLP is AVAILABLE TO ATS MEMBERS and can provide assistance with family asset protection, individual asset protection, and business asset protection.

Available Asset Protection Services

As an ATS partner, Barth Calderon provides FREE CONSULATIONS to clients who are concerned about protecting their assets from potential loss. Here are some of the asset protection services offered:

  • Asset protection for your elderly parents
  • Asset protection integration into buy/sell agreements
  • Converting an S or C Corp into an LLC
  • Creating a family foundation
  • Creating or updating estate plans
  • LLCs for stocks, bonds, and cash
  • Protecting assets from unforeseen lawsuits
  • Professional trustee services
  • Separate property agreements
  • Trust planning

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