Top 10 IRA Mistakes To Avoid

Top 10 IRA Mistakes to Avoid Taking the wrong RMD amount. Taking distributions too early. Failure to properly identify designated beneficiaries. Not knowing the special rules for spousal IRA beneficiaries. IRA beneficiaries fail to take advantage of a stretch option. Taking RMDs after the deadline. Not knowing the non-spousal rules for IRA beneficiaries. Disclaiming errors. …

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Simplifying IRA Lingo

simplifying IRA Lingo Conversion, Recharacterization, Reconversion, oh my! IRA terms can get confusing so here are just a few IRA related definitions that are commonly asked about: ROLLOVER Assets are withdrawn from a retirement plan and then re-deposited into the same or other eligible plan. This is a reportable transaction for an IRA owner and …

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Protection from the Market Roller Coaster

Protection from the Market Roller Coaster The market plunges!… Wait, it’s going up!… No, it’s down again!… Sound familiar? Unfortunately, recent market volatility we’ve all been watching on the news (and perhaps sweating a little too) is nothing new. Even when the market imitates a roller coaster ride, Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) owners sleep well …

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Got CDs!

Got CDs! If you’re like most CD owners, it’s disappointing to get such low CD rates. Yes, you are technically exchanging safety for those low rates, but how safe and secure are CDs really if they continually suffer a constant loss in earning power? CDs simply are not keeping up with the cost of living. …

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Review Your Documents!

Review Your Documents! Don’t wait until it’s too late…failure to review your retirement planning documents can spell DISASTER for your beneficiaries yet this failure is surprisingly common. Recently a client discovered that her new husband hadn’t updated his beneficiary forms for his retirement plans. Unfortunately, the client didn’t find out until he passed away unexpectedly …

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