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Too many Americans spend a lifetime accumulating savings and assets only to have them LOST TO EXCESSIVE TAXATION, MARKET VOLATILITY or CREDITORS during retirement. Proper RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTION ASSET PROTECTION PLANNING can help reduce the likelihood that you will experience a financial hardship during retirement.

With the right strategies in place, the CPAs, Tax Professionals and Wealth Preservation Consultants at America’s Tax Solutions® (ATS) work together to help clients create a STEADY AND RELIABLE STREAM OF INCOME during the retirement. Developing a COMPREHENSIVE plan to preserve, protect and defend your nest egg and other assets while SIMULTANEOUSLY creating a plan to leave a legacy, rather than a big tax bill, to your loved ones is our focus.

Do you have the RIGHT STRATEGIES in place so you don’t run out of money during retirement? Are your retirement assets protected from market volatility and creditors? Are you leaving your legacy to your family or Uncle Sam? Find an ATS professional in your area to make sure you have SOUND PLANS in place by completing the form below…consultations with ATS members are always FREE!

What ATS Is

America’s Tax Solutions® was created to help CPAs and Tax Professionals EFFECTIVELY MEET THE COMPLEX NEEDS OF THEIR CLIENTS in the areas of asset management, retirement distribution planning and wealth protection. We understand what Americans need to know in order to EFFECTIVELY SECURE their future and the future of their loved ones.

CPAs have served as their clients’ FINANCIAL GATEKEEPERS for many generations by providing professional tax and accounting services. Today, the roles of CPAs are changing and growing. With the first wave of Baby Boomers already entering their retirement years, TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of assets are in need of proper management, distribution and preservation.

As a result, more and more clients are turning to CPAs for professional help in developing sound RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES and estate plans while preserving their wealth. America’s Tax Solutions® is the PREMIER firm for CPAs, Tax Professionals and their clients. At America’s Tax Solutions® we help you see your entire financial picture, define your objectives and then…GO GET THEM!

What ATS Does

Key benefits offered by America’s Tax Solutions® include: retirement distribution planning, tax planning, estate tax analysis, wealth distribution analysis, qualified plan distribution analysis, annuity strategies, asset protection and a comprehensive retirement roadmap. Our members can help you CREATE AND GROW WEALTH, protect and preserve your life savings and plan for a life legacy.


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