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Over the last several years, MANY taxpayers have been leaving CPAs and changing course to go down the DO-IT-YOURSELF route when it comes to tax preparation. While that may be a great option for some people who only have W-2s or no assets, the rest need a more COMPREHENSIVE option.

If you have an IRA, 401(k), other retirement assets, or need solid financial planning strategies, you need more than a DIY computer program.

When Choosing a CPA

Make sure the CPA offers the services you want and need

Not all accounting services are fee-based and they shouldn’t be. Plenty of CPAs offer FREE AUXILIARY CLIENT SERVICES SUCH AS CUSTODIAL REVIEWS, annuity check-ups, retirement planning checklists, beneficiary form audits, IRA strategy assistance, and other important planning services to help benefit you, your family, and your heirs.

Financial Planning and Tax Services

Financial planning and tax services go hand in hand while the retirement distribution planning component has become more CRITICAL than ever before. Do you have the right accountant? Does your CPA or accounting firm offer all the tax, financial, and retirement planning services YOU NEED? Not all CPAs and CPA firms are tax, financial, and retirement distribution planning specialists, but those affiliated with America’s Tax Solutions are.

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