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Is Your Client's IRA an IOU to the IRS

America’s Tax Solutions™ can help you discover the answer to this question for all of your clients through our world class IRA Summit™, designed specifically for tax professionals. Our organization is the unsurpassed leader in educating tax professionals like you about the challenges associated with retirement planning. We have spent over a decade developing the most comprehensive training program designed to provide tax professionals with the necessary tools and expertise they need to maximize their clients’ retirement strategies by eliminating HEAVY, IMMEDIATE and UNNECESSARY taxation.

Create a competitive edge through our IRA Summit™ by not only gaining new business opportunities, but taking care of and retaining your existing clients. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to become the best in your profession! As a tax professional, it is crucial that you are up to speed with the latest information that impacts your clients’ IRAs and other retirement plans. All tax professionals should be well versed in the following retirement planning topics:

Our Unique and Dynamic Program Will Help You Learn and Apply:

Our exclusive program will address little known facts and teach you how to become an IRA EXPERT. We cover more than mere technical knowledge – we make sure you understand the complex retirement system in America today and the role retirement planning plays in every client’s life.


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The Perfect Storm of IRA Opportunity

The Retirement and Longevity Crisis in America

The Pension Meltdown and New Retirement Mentality

Why Clients Spend More Time Choosing a Restaurant Than Planning Their Retirement

The Invisible Enemy – Heavy, Immediate and Unnecessary Taxation

How to Gain IRA Expertise and a Competitive

Is Your Client's IRA an IOU to the IRS?

How Proper Planning Today Can Prevent Estate and Income Tax From Destroying Your Client’s IRA

The Power of Multi-Generational IRAs – Avoid Losing Up to 80% to Uncle Sam

The 3 Biggest Tax Breaks in the Internal Revenue Code
Sample Illustrations and Case Studies

Income for Life - strategies for Creating a Guaranteed Stream of Income

“I’m Gonna Outlive My Money!” – Withdrawal Strategies

Income for Life

Beneficiary Issues

Beneficiary Selection – 3 Categories You Must Know

Common Mistakes That Can Wipe Out Inheritances

What a Younger Spouse Should Do When Inheriting an IRA

Why Most Beneficiaries Overpay Taxes

Why You Should Not Name Your Estate as an IRA Beneficiary


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Custodial Documents and What to Look for

Choosing the Ideal IRA Custodian – They Can Help You Win Client

How Custodians Can Create RMD and Rollover Problems

What Are the Defaults and What Happens if No One Does Anything?

The Discovery Checklist System

How to Use America’s Tax Solutions™ Checklists to Build Your Business

Critical Checklist Topics For Every Client

Beneficiary Reviews

Custodial Reviews: What to Look for in IRA Custodial Documents

Case Studies

20 IRA Rules You Must Know (Topic Highlights)

The Importance of Proper Titling

Avoiding Errors and Penalties

NUA Strategies

Prohibited Transactions

RMD Issues

In-Service Plan Distributions, Rollovers and Transfers

Non-Spouse Beneficiaries

IRA Account Splitting

Wills vs. Beneficiary Forms and Why It’s a Big Deal (Attorneys Get It Wrong!)

The 5-Year Rule Confusion and Mistakes Most Institutions Make

Trusts and IRAs

Conduit Trust vs. Accumulation Trust

Naming a Trust as an IRA Beneficiary – When You Should and When You Shouldn’t

The Latest IRA Trust Rulings and Planning Strategies

Coordinating Estate Planning and IRA Distribution Planning

Estate Taxes and the Multi-Generational IRA

IRA Update: Court Rulings, Legislation and New PLRs

IRA Tax Law Changes, Court Case Rulings the Latest PLRs

60-Day IRA Rollovers, Inherited IRAs and Bankruptcy

Supreme Court: Inherited IRAs Are Not Retirement Accounts…What This Means for Your Clients

IRAs and Loans Don’t Mix

New Planning Opportunities

Roth IRA Conversion Tax Planning

The 3 Most Important Things to Know About Roth IRAs

The Top 10 Roth Conversion Mistakes

Roth Conversion, Recharacterization and Recharacterization Strategies

Inherited Roth IRAs

Tax-Free Retirement Strategies: The Ultimate Tax-Free Retirement System

Tax-Free is King!

Using Tax Saving Strategies to Win the Largest Accounts

The 3 Biggest Tax Breaks in the Tax Code

The Need for Tax Diversification

Practice Management

Tax Time IRA Questions and Our Answers

Attracting Large IRA Rollovers and Advising Clients on Key Rollover Decisions

Legal Issues for Accountants and Advisors – How to Bulletproof Your Practice

Marketing Your Practice – Effective Client Communications

How to Expand Your Business, Build Your Practice and Secure Your Future

Making You the “GO-TO” Expert

How to Keep Building Your IRA Knowledge

America’s Tax Solutions™

Competition Elimination System

The IRA Owner’s Bill of Rights

Why Your Clients Need You So Much

Tools and Techniques

The Highest Authority for Your Client’s IRA is the IRS

How to Use Highlighted IRS Publication 590-A and B as the Ultimate Tool

The 60 day IRA Rollover Cheat Sheet

Correctly Repositioning Money

What Wall Street Doesn’t Want Your Clients to Know

“Safe” Money Alternatives and the Buffet Risk Tolerance Test

The Bear Naked Truth About Fixed Indexed Annuities

The Importance of Rolling IRAs Over from Former Employers

Getting a Second Opinion – Separating Facts from Fiction

The Wolf in the Shadow

The #1 Threat That Can Derail Your Client’s Retirement Plan

Retirement Dreams or Retirement Nightmare

The Name of the Game is Income

Building a Tax-Free Future

Optional Session: America's Tax Solutions Opportunity

Overview of America’s Tax Solutions™

Capturing the Largest IRA Rollovers in Your Community

Five Ways to Differentiate Yourself from Every Other Account in Your Town

How to Increase Your Revenue By 300% in the Next 12 Months

Succession Planning for Accountants

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