The Webinar Series will teach you all you need to continue to grow your practice for years to come. GET WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW as a CPA and what important financial planning issues you need to discuss with your clients.Webinars are INVALUABLE tools that allow you to gain critical knowledge about the latest opportunities and developments in the tax, financial services and retirement distribution planning arenas to help benefit your clients and grow your business. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and keeping on top of current issues allows you to educate your clients – this is crucial to thriving in today’s economic climate. Are you up to speed on EVERYTHING you and your clients need to know that can dramatically impact their tax, financial and retirement futures? Most of us don’t have time to read every available publication on a daily basis to look for updates, facts and NEWLY released information vital to our industry. America’s Tax Solutions™ understands that your time is valuable and we know your primary focus is running a business and servicing your clients. That is why we continually develop and offer educational webinars RELEVANT to your business and keep you apprised of important news, changes, laws and industry trends that every successful accountant and accounting firm needs to know.

Webinar Clip: Educating Your Clients

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