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America's Tax Solutions®?

America’s Tax Solutions is an EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM designed to help CPA firms build a profitable wealth management business. Our mission is to provide our CPA affiliates with the necessary tools, resources, and training to EFFECTIVELY meet the complex needs and demands of clients in the areas of asset management, retirement distribution planning, and wealth protection.

CPAs have served as their clients’ FINANCIAL GATEKEEPERS for many generations by providing professional tax and accounting services. Today, the roles of CPAs are changing and growing. With the first wave of baby boomers already entering their retirement years, TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of assets are in need of proper management, distribution, and preservation.

As a result, more and more clients are turning to CPAs for professional help in PRESERVING their wealth. Our program provides a CPA with the flexibility of choosing to work with an experienced financial professional to assist in building a wealth preservation business or choosing to use the platform capabilities to execute the wealth preservation offering THEMSELVES. If the CPA chooses to leverage the time and talent of an independent financial professional to execute the wealth preservation offering, the CPA will contractually maintain their relationship with each of their clients in this program. America’s Tax Solutions is the financial services firm of Tax Professionals.

How does America's Tax Solutions meet the CPA firm's needs?

We help you BUILD YOUR BUSINESS through our proprietary programs such as the second opinion program, innovative marketing plans, client retention programs, and many more all designed to not only build your business, but to INCREASE YOUR CASH FLOW. The America’s Tax Solutions model differentiates itself from similar models in the marketplace using:

  • PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE PROGRAM built to strategically analyze tax data to uncover wealth management planning needs and opportunities.
  • An ALLIANCE PROGRAM that enables you to leverage the time and talent of one of our experienced wealth preservation consultants to build and grow your wealth management business.
  • UNIQUE FOCUS on retirement distribution and wealth protection planning.
  • PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTATION to assist the CPA firm in building a wealth management business with transferable enterprise value.
  • ON-GOING FOCUSED EDUCATION AND TRAINING to promote wealth management services in a CPA firm.
  • An ADVANCED CASE DESIGN TEAM to assist with complex estate and business planning needs.
  • SIMPLIFIED LICENSING PROCESS to offer holistic wealth management solutions.

What ATS Does

Key benefits offered by America’s Tax Solutions include: retirement distribution planning, tax planning, estate tax analysis, wealth distribution analysis, qualified plan distribution analysis, annuity strategies, asset protection and a comprehensive retirement roadmap. Our members can help you CREATE AND GROW WEALTH, protect and preserve your life savings and plan for a life legacy.


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CPA Firm Aligns With Table Bay WPC
CPA Firm Has Access to Proprietary Data Mining Software
CPA and WPC Work as a Team to Build Wealth Preservation Into Current Practice
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