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America's Tax Solutions® Meets the CPA Firm's Needs

We help you build your business through our proprietary programs such as the second opinion program, innovative marketing plans, client retention programs, and many more all designed to not only build your business, but to increase your cash flow. The America’s Tax Solutions™ model differentiates itself from similar models in the marketplace due to:

PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE PROGRAM built to strategically analyze tax data to uncover wealth management planning needs and opportunities.

 ALLIANCE PROGRAM that enables you to leverage the time and talent of one of our experienced wealth preservation consultants to build and grow your wealth management business.

 UNIQUE FOCUS on retirement distribution and asset protection planning.

 PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTATION to assist the CPA firm in building a wealth management business with transferable enterprise value.

ON-GOING FOCUSED EDUCATION AND TRAINING to promote wealth management services in a CPA rm.

 ADVANCED CASE DESIGN TEAM to assist with complex estate and business planning needs.

 SIMPLIFIED LICENSING PROCESS to offer holistic wealth management solutions.

4 Wealth Preservation Issues

Each of these issues is interrelated and, in fact, acts like a counter-balance to the other issues. If you make an adjustment to one issue, it affects the others. That is why it is critical for your clients to have one Advisor who is knowledgeable about their complete financial picture, including their tax situation, so your client can be given appropriate advice and recommendations. Without reviewing all the 4 Wealth Preservation Issues®, your clients may find their finances out of balance.

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