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What Other CPAs are Saying About America's Tax Solutions®

“We’ve been a member of America’s Tax Solutions for two months now, and have already made an extra $85,150. We recommend this program to any CPA who wishes to provide a value-added service to his clients, increase their revenue and bulletproof their practice from potential litigation.

This system is truly turn-key. Barry and his team do what they say they’ll do. In our opinion, this is the real deal. Thank you, Barry!”

One of my tax clients was shopping around for an investment advisor. He appreciated that I asked him questions no one else had asked and told him things no one else had told him. As a result, this client chose to go with me for investment advice. I like to educate my clients and help them understand what they are doing with their money before I get paid. And my clients respect that.

America’s Tax Solutions continues to challenge me to learn more and keep current with the industry so I can provide services that bene t my clients. Adding nancial services to my tax practice is the best thing I could have done for my clients and myself.

My Wealth Preservation Consultant (WPC) is always helpful in getting what I need for a client on a timely basis to close the deal. Making use of my WPC is like
having someone on staff.

Today’s smart accountant needs to be special; they must offer ideas and solutions that their competition has no knowledge of or cannot be commoditized by the internet.”

The support you get from America’s Tax Solutions is what differentiates the rm from other nancial rms. They specialize in helping accountants integrate financial planning into their tax practices, and their specialists help implement plans that address possible tax implications.

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